Indian Linux Users Group, Coimbatore - Flowers Open Lab
    Is was started on October 2010, by a group of Linux users and evangelists.  ILUGCBE are a group of peoples interested in Promoting GNU/Linux and Free and Open Source. To become a member in ILUGCBE and to take part in the activities, join our mailing list
    ILUGCBE meets every second Saturday. Venue of the meeting will be announced in the mailing list. Most of our monthly meetings see a technical talk, not necessarily on GNU/Linux but also on FSF/GNU/OSS/BSD related topics such as Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, FreeBSD, TCP/IP, virtualization, cloud computing, distributed computing, network and application penetration testing, cluster computing, embedded programming, networking, etc.
    You can get details of current event and activities in ilugcbe home page

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