Getting familiar with embedded Linux device driver takes long time for me. I account this to lack of programming experience with structured language. I have been working with object oriented programming languages such as Java, Python and now C++. This results in thinking every thing in object oriented way. And making thing in "C" makes little more time. I does lot of exercise to get familiar with this. Now I had good understanding and had experience in writing few device drivers.
    And BeRTOS have helped a lot to understand structured programming in C. Currently I have been doing a hobby project with BeRTOS, and Cortex-m based board from ST electronics. In this, I have been using only c program for the complete project. 

The flim 7aum Arivu ( ) is fantastic. And very good act by Mr.Suriya. 

And they given good message. If disease can come by hereditary, talent can also come hereditary. And it can be stimulated to bring back. For no need any special treatment, if you believe and work towards it, you can automatically get it. 

Don't miss it. It have taken in Hollywood range. Nice pictures and sound effect. 

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