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    Kdevelop is good IDE for c++ and other stuff. You can get more details at 
    Mercurial version control plugin is not added by default. It is under development. You add this support to kdevelop IDE by compiling the plugin and make install. The actual procedure is as follows:   

1. Get the source code from     

2. Make a directory called build inside the source code. 

3. cd into the build directory    

4. cmake ../ 

5. make 

6. make install. 

    In some distributions, this may not add the plugin to kdevelop. This can be fixed by eidting cmakelist of root directory. 

Add the following to the CMakeLists.txt at top of the file. (For ubuntu, for other distribution you should locate the respective directroy)

set(SERVICES_INSTALL_DIR /usr/share/kde4/services)
set(DATA_INSTALL_DIR /usr/share/kde4/apps)
set(PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR /usr/lib/kde4)

Now follow step 3 to 6. 

Thats all. You can now have the mercurial support for kdevelop. 

Miro Janosik
10/4/2013 05:09:50

To make it run on KDevelop 4.5.1 you need to do this additional things:
1) edit /usr/share/kde4/services/kdevmercurial.desktop as administrator and modify line:

2) run in the console command "kbuildsycoca4" to update some references or something.
After this restart KDevelop to see plugin in the KDevelop plugin list.

And how to use it? You can use it by right-clicking a file (for example in a Filesystem toolview) and there you can see "Mercurial" submenu. You can see this submenu only on files/folders that are already in some Mercurial repository.

From my point of view this submenu isn't 'perfect' but it can do the job just fine.


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